A Life Well-Loved with Chronic Illness

a learning & coaching space to create the full life you were meant to live, chronic illness and all.

About Our Community

Imagine a world where people with chronic illness are empowered to lead their fullest lives, regardless of background, ability, or identity.

That's our goal here. But WHY do we do this?

We aim to provide you resources that support you in restoring your mind, body, and spirit. We believe each and every one of us can empower one another, and that we are stronger together than apart. We believe the more we feel our individual worth and value the more we are able to contribute to the world and can be seen and heard as contributors to society in a positive way.

Okay, but WHO is this for? 

There are separate spaces for those living with Illness (choose between the free and paid membership options below!) and their allies.

Membership Options:
  • A Free Starter Membership for those with chronic illness to access free resources for day-to-day life. Monthly mindful movement sessions for ALL bodies and a free self-paced course on endometriosis also included.

  • A Paid Community Membership for those with chronic illness to gain momentum through personalized coaching, events, and self-paced learning. Together we move imperfectly forward on our individual journeys with the tools, training and small groups that cultivate a life well-loved where joy and pain can co-exist. 

  • “I Want to Be An Ally” Free Membership, a resource space for professionals and loved ones interested in becoming supportive allies to those with chronic illness.

WHAT to expect in the Paid Community 

  • Inclusive online learning & coaching safe space curated by an ICF Professional Certified Coach

  • Monthly themes to help center yourself with intention while adding tools to your toolkit in allowing joy & pain to coexist

  • Special virtual events in the form of Whole-Hearted Connection where we dive a little deeper into the monthly theme

  • Small group coaching series (confidential/not recorded) to keep you motivated, connected and grounded, covering topics such as:

    • Self-Care

    • Setting Healthy Boundaries 

    • How to Build Your Community of Support 

  • A curated list of podcasts and books in the “Curl Up & Learn Corner” that have been helpful for our community

  • Direct messaging ability to connect with other people who have similar illnesses and interests (especially great when needing a break from social media, you can still find them here!)

  • A safe space to post progress and encouragement and even participate in group goal-setting as we build sustainable emotional habits to cultivate a life well-loved

  • Monthly Complementary Restorative Yoga Sessions 

  • 24/7 On-demand access to articles, videos, and journal prompts that help you explore and expand your personal restoration plan. Some topics you’ll see:

    • Life hacks for Day-to-Day Living with Illness

    • Healing Your Heart (things that support emotional well-being)

    • Our Bodies; Our Home (recipes and posts that support our bodies)

  • Oh, and did we mention? You will also gain access to every single past recording of the educational events such as:

    • Art Journaling (with an art coach!)

    • How to Be Your Best Advocate (with a board certified patient advocate!)

    • Understanding Inflammation (with registered dietician!)

    • Cooking for Well-Being (with recipe creators who are chronically ill!)

  • You can engage as much or as little as you want, but you have access to everything…as long as you are part of our paid community! 

YOU are welcome here, exactly as you are. 

✔️ If you are struggling to make sense of your symptoms, you’re welcome here. 

✔️ If you are awaiting a diagnosis, you’re welcome here. If you are processing a new diagnosis, you are welcome here. 

✔️ If you’ve been living with your illness but feel a bit stuck, you are welcome here. 

✔️ If you identify as a woman, trans, nonbinary or gender non-conforming in any way, you’re welcome here. 

✔️ If you are a person of color, you’re welcome here.

What isn't welcome here? 

❌ Any form of racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, or ableism. And no advertising for, representation of, or sponsorship from pharmaceutical entities. 

Ready? Here is your invitation.

Choose the membership option best for you and your journey. Make sure to download the app too!

If you are facing major financial struggles due to illness, you can apply for a reduced rate to the paid community here 

A Little About Rosemarie

Rosemarie spent over 15 years of professional experience as a coach and consultant, earning a Masters in Organizational Development and Leadership and working as an ICF Professional Certified Coach to be build a better world. One that appreciates the true nature and dynamic seasons of life that come with chronic illnesses like endometriosis, and empowers people to build sustainable emotional habits to cultivate a life well-loved, where joy and pain can coexist.

During this time, she experienced delayed and misdiagnosis. She's felt shame, pain, fear, isolation, judgment, physician and appointment anxiety, and treatment roulette. When Rosemarie couldn’t find a community with credentialed leaders that embraced both the joy and pain of illness, she became an advocate in her own right. She began sharing her experiences with endometriosis through #endowillnotwin and coaching others to embrace a full life with their illness, not in spite of it. 

Now, Rosemarie has created this space just for YOU and partners with credentialed professionals and trusted organizations to educate those supporting people living with chronic illness.